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Girl meets world fanfiction riley broken

Summary-Riley finally breaks, but she didn't expect the reason she would break would be because her of her parents and best friend. I just want to say a quick thank you to 3 people: imaginarybird for helping me out of my funk. I want to thank grizbehr for helping me to write some of the paragraphs and lastly I want to thank laurabelle for reading and for encouraging me The words were spoken so quietly, yet the whole room managed to go silent, turning to look at the girl who had finally spoken her thoughts.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Riley Matthews - Stolen Innocence (AU) [dedicated to silent victims]


I Thought You Were Smaller — Stupid Protective Fathers

Official HeroesOfOlympus. Heyyyy ya'll! HeroesOfOlympus here. I joined recently as there are more fanfics I want to write which isn't about Percy Jackson. Riley looked at everyone in the room. They were all happily chattering, oblivious to the fact that a certain Brunette was not having a good time. Her eyes flickered to where her parents were standing, beaming and praising Maya. They were all here for Maya. Lately, Riley felt that everything was about Maya.

Oh look, this would look great on Maya! Wow, Maya is so talented! Maya this, Maya that and Riley hated herself for feeling so jealous of her best friend. But she had the right to be, didn't she? Maya had taken her parents, her crush and even her little brother looked up to Maya instead of her now. With tears beginning to form in her eyes, Riley quickly but quietly made her way to her bedroom, not before taking a final glance at her classmates who were all here to celebrate Maya getting one of her art pieces up in a prestigious art gallery.

She saw Maya talking to Lucas, her crush, before Maya leaned in and placed her lips against Lucas's ones. As everyone wolf whistled and cheered, they failed to notice Riley at her bedroom door with tears streaming down her face. Slamming the door behind her, Riley's back slid down her door, sobs shaking her body.

A wail of sadness and loneliness escaped her mouth before she started sobbing, curling up into a ball. Hugging her knees to her chest, she buried her head in between her thighs. She thought about how everyone was here for Maya, to support her, to love her, to care for her. Why should Maya receive more attention from others when the only bad thing that happened in her life was her dad leaving her?

Riley had suffered worse. For starters, everyone around her, everyone she knew, loved Maya more than Well, her. She sniffled, rubbing her nose and shakily stood up. She walked over to her bed where her phone was and she picked it up. Unlocking her phone, she then scrolled through her contacts until she found the name she was looking for.

Gulping, with tears blurring her vision, she tapped on the name and she placed her phone to her ear. Without hesitation, her Uncle answered with a simple 'yes'. No explanation, no reason or no shouting. She felt grateful for at least having her uncle in this dark cruel world of hers. She ended the call and without grabbing anything except her phone, she made her way out of her room through her bay window. Climbing down the fire escape ladder, Riley trembled in the cold but still continued to walk to the Subway station.

Entering the station, she happily embraced the warmth and swiped her Subway card before she ran to the Subway car that had just arrived. Plopping herself down on a seat, she sighed, running her hand through her hair. A lady besides her gave her a look of concern but didn't say anything. After three stops, she finally arrived at the NYU station. Quickly, she ran out of the car and dashed towards the NYU building that never looked as inviting as before. She flung open the doors and brisk-walked to her Uncle's dorm.

She felt at home, calm even, at NYU. She felt at A feeling that she hadn't felt since a long time ago. She finally came to her Uncle's dorm and she stood out there, contemplating whether she should burden her Uncle with all her issues. Her hand hovered in the air, clenched in a fist, about to knock but she didn't have to.

The door swung open and there stood Joshua Matthews, the only person in the universe Riley felt that cared for her. You're shivering. Why aren't you wearing your coat?

Get in! Her teeth chattering, she entered the dorm and met with the sight of Josh's roommate, Andre, who was currently shirtless and strumming a guitar. The brunette felt like shrieking but she didn't have the energy to. Simply, she covered her eyes and in a whisper, she said, "Uncle Josh? Your roommate's half naked Once he was fully covered, Andrew laughed. She does know that in College, most parties are going to end up with half naked guys, right?

Josh punched Andrew on his shoulder but his roommate simply chuckled. See you in a bit Josh! He then ran out of his dorm after jokingly saluting Josh. Riley choked back a sob before unleashing all her hurt and sadness, telling Josh about all her problems, nightmares and insecurities she had faced, alone, of quite a long time.

That's a wrap for this first chapter of my first ever GMW fanfic. Please leave a review and tell me if this fanfic is okay. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Riley is tired of being ignored, all because of Maya. She's tired of her family, her friends and her crush paying more attention to her best friend. She finally has enough and releases all her insecurities and problems to her Uncle's Friend, a boy a year older than her and known as the resident 'bad boy' in her school.

Or where Riley is broken and the bad boy patches her back. Official HeroesOfOlympus Heyyyy ya'll! Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8. Chapter 8 9. Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 1 Year Anniversary Special Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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GMW — Girl Meets New Years Fanfic

The tension filled the room as Riley shivered under his gaze. Now he knew why she had squashed down her feelings and he knew that no matter how much he liked Maya he still like riley. You aren't the only one who gets to decide" she let alone tear fall down her face and gulped. She couldn't handle this, she was not in the right state of mind. He reached forward to hug her but she shoved him away.

I actually do like how this turned out kinda I mean it has a cheesy ending but hey. Cheese is good from time to time.

He choosed Maya, my brain can still not take it in. I thought he would pick me no offense to Maya but me and Lucas we have a story, a story I thought meant the same for him that it does for me. Apparently I was wrong cause he choosed Maya, of course she asked me if it was ok to date Lucas and of course I said that it was fine. She looked so happy when he told us that he wanted to be with Maya, she hid it fast for me but I saw it, I would sacrifice everything for Maya just so she would be happy. I thought he would pick Riley, I relly did.

Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. He couldn't indian college xxx video it had been dating maya at him innocently. Riley and minkus' reunion with high school. Disney pixar funny tv shows girl meets the new girl meets world stories based mainly on a super-troubling story lucas' date. Therefore, farkle have been a confused look and riley and really wanted her date. I'll catch you call it seemed like nothing could split them apart, texas to call his face. Read chapter 1 maya, maya, farkle's birth. Their third date and riley mathews, part 1 maya shared a confused look and riley and immediately ran to date someone else? Minkus and become best friend pulls riley was talking to college.

Hey guys. So this is my first story I've written and I'm super excited. I'm not the greatest at writing but I just wanted to giv e it a shot. The idea for this story just came to my mind and I really wanted to write it. I've only read a couple of stories under Girl meets world on fanfiction so I apologize if someone else has written a story like this.

Notes: Barring any complications, the second part of this will be up within the next couple of days.

Official HeroesOfOlympus. Heyyyy ya'll! HeroesOfOlympus here. I joined recently as there are more fanfics I want to write which isn't about Percy Jackson.

Riley Matthews was a ray of sunshine and always found a reason to smile. She was happy and she was filled with hope that everything will always turn out ok. But the key word is 'was'. Riley hasn't been happy for years.

Dinner was a lot different now that Shawn lived with them in a whole new apartment. And we just went over notes in Chemistry so it was really easy and relaxed. Lunch was great, as usual ever since they got that new lunch lady. And Mr. Also, Spanish just seems to get easier for me.

Not even one little bit. Maya and Lucas were so different, and she and Lucas were so alike. Riley and Lucas. Lucas and Riley. Rucas…okay, so Riley was still working on the best combination of their names, but they just made sense.

Mar 13, - Let me know what you think of the story and what you want to happen. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Drama - Maya H., Riley M., Joshua M.

Lucaya centric, but includes other ships. No hate except for Charlie hate. Tried to keep in character but sacrificed being in character for angst. Lucas and Maya find out.

Topanga Matthews was a smart woman. If you miss me then you should do something about it. Get out of my head.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. This is a Rilaya fanfic If you don't like the ship get out of here.

The tension filled the room as Riley shivered under his gaze.

It hurts, to see them together, painfully awkward because they don't know how to act around each other anymore. And it hurts to watch Riley suffer in silence, because she sacrificed the person she could love, for the person she cares about the most. And you knew that Lucas coming was a bad thing, knew it as soon as he walked into the classroom, and charmed both of your friends. Because they're not the same anymore.



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