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Gemini man wants you

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You need to know the signs to look out for. Geminis can show some serious determination when they like you. And their fun-loving personalities are pretty contagious. Just try not to be amused by it. He may try to put his arm around you or get physically close to you in some way.

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Top 7 Signs Gemini Man Attracted You (A Glimpse Into His Behavior In Love)

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Andrea loves to write about the zodiac and research astrological love compatibility. She's been an online writer for over five years.

How can you tell a Gemini likes you? Honestly, you should be able to tell. Gemini express themselves strongly through words, but they can also express their love to you through actions. You should feel like a Gemini has a certain amount of focus toward you. The tricky part might be that Gemini is a social sign, so you might not know if you are special to them or if you are being treated the same as everyone else. Gemini are contagious, happy going souls—for the most part. They like to keep things light rather than too dense or heavy think Scorpio.

This is someone who will talk to you extensively. They don't like to put too much emotion forward first, but if they are willing to go deeper and are opening up, then that's a clear sign. If they start saying they like you and open up about their feelings—this is a clear indicator. If they are sharing personal experiences and want to have certain experiences with you, then this is a plus.

Also, if they want to pick you for their adventures and partners in crime, then they are interested in your company and spending more time with you. If they really like you, they will focus their all-over-the-place air energy on you. They want to apply a little bit more seriousness and commitment to you, which can be shocking to them.

Gemini like to bounce from idea to idea, and person to person before going super deep. They move to more intention when they found someone they feel is worth stepping into that place. Here is the thing about air signs. They are generally considered the geniuses of the zodiac and spend a great deal of time focusing on ideas and staying in their heads.

They have just as intense of emotions, but they typically guard this. It can feel heavy and overwhelming to spend more time in an emotional state, and they feel vulnerable as their high mental state combines with those emotions. A heartbreak for an air sign who is really trying to have an emotional attachment, might be the hardest kind of heartbreak because it will be felt all over the body.

They mentally connect with someone and have a great deal of mental activity going on in their minds. So don't be surprised if any air sign takes a while to open up. If they are trying to rush through things, then they are probably not trying to give you the care you deserve and are not paying enough attention to the course of the relationship.

What exactly is a Gemini, and where is it getting its energy? The Gemini is the 3rd sign of the zodiac. It comes after the frenetic energy of Aries and Taurus who start off the zodiac year. Aries comes after the cold, clearing canvas of winter. As a fire sign, it gets the job started to make the spring season happen. It is full of storms, new life coming into the planet, and changes in temperature from very cold days to warmth finally making its way back into the area.

Aries as a cardinal sign is all about moving and shaking the scene. The second born child of the zodiac, Taurus, feels it needs to compete with Aries as a spring season to harbor life.

Taurus has the quality of an Adam in the Bible who takes care of the animals and plants. Taurus is a gardener, someone in tune with their senses, and a genius in their own right to manage all the creatures left behind in Aries quick and frenetic wake. Then we come to Gemini. Gemini experiences life after all the process has happened.

It doesn't need to focus so much on gardening or managing. It is a time of celebration when life has already established itself. The twins, both male and female, can exist together in the garden. Gemini is the time of year when people want to get married, when students graduate from school, and people want to take vacations.

The wild weather of the previous two seasons -- from snow, hail, tornadoes, hot days, and cold days -- chills out when we arrive in Gemini. We generally don't see snow in May, we generally don't see below degree temperatures, unless of course, you live in the north most part of the planet. Gemini naturally has a bubbly affinity for life. They like to keep things positive, healthy, and egalitarian.

As they grow and mature, they want to be more humble and open-minded. Gemini can run into problems when they are young and believe passionately they are right about something, creating a tunnel-like focus, but also being too stubborn and limited to hear new and fresh ideas, or alternate perspectives. A Gemini experiences duality as the twin sign. Gemini wants to be open to the world and what it has to offer and wants fairness and equality for all.

But sometimes Gemini needs to step away from the crowd; otherwise, they brood and become moody. They need their independence, or else they become a chameleon. This can come up in a healthy relationship. Gemini wants to emotionally comfort their partner by mirroring what they do, and this comes on at both a conscious and an unconscious level. It is important to encourage a Gemini to show their true colors, rather than only take to your interests and one day have a mental breakdown when they don't know themselves.

Gemini will likely converse with you about a number of topics before getting into the heaviness of emotion. They may look to touching you and giving you affection first before going into their emotions and combining their thoughts, speech, and feelings together. This is normal for a Gemini who feels vulnerable when unveiling deeper matters of the heart. They like to introspect and play with the ideas before completely unveiling them.

Gemini likes to flirt and keep things light before committing. Commitment should naturally come of itself rather than being forced or twisted into action. Gemini needs room to consider its heart, consider what it wants to do, and a number of other important goals. You can expect long texts from a Gemini, constant contact, and it is what they are good at doing. They like to dabble in new things; they can change their life direction frequently because they have so much going on in their heads.

They are guided by Mercury—the household of communication and mobility. They like to experience the world, be spontaneous, fun, and converse. You may have to occasionally tell them it is okay to sit in silence. They are talkative, and if it's not coming out of their mouth—their loquaciousness is happening inside their head. They like to keep things light, fresh, and they have to have communication whether it is verbal, written, letters, or sharing ideas from music—they always need some ideas tunneling through their brains.

In romantic relationships, with their sweetness and lightness, they can be overwhelmed by their feelings. It can be uncomfortable to be in a spot where they can't find words. This could be made much worse if dating a water sign who wants this heaviness up front. Gemini expects to find space and also connection and conversation. They want to be able to do their own thing, and then enjoy you. They have a wide sense of humor, they do not like manipulation or passive-aggression, and Gemini does not like to be tied down.

They want to feel their partner isn't leaning on them for their emotional validation. Gemini's biggest fear is that they don't have emotional depth, but to be honest, it's there and much more vulnerable than other signs.

Air signs are guarded for a reason. Don't accuse them of being shallow, but help them to put words to their feelings.

This is how you can help them to overcome this hard spot and help them to grow. It's a big deal if they are conveying their innermost feelings. All 78 zodiac combinations can be successful. In this world, we can find an example of each pair end in marriage or end in divorce. With that said, it's best to know how the blueprint of these relationships works rather than considering compatibility. Gemini and Capricorn are going to be a very odd pair.

Gemini is constantly on the go with thought. Some consider Gemini to be the genius zodiac. Capricorn plans, they hibernate, and really mull over their thoughts.

Gemini is a mutable sign, Capricorn is a cardinal sign. Gemini is fairly agreeable, sometimes even a space cadet. Capricorn is ambitious and will strive to meet their family's needs. Gemini will look to Capricorn to be practical, and Capricorn will look to Gemini for expertise.

The two can connect based on their brains. Both need to be okay that they operate at different speeds. Conflict arises because Gemini is swift and full of nerves, while Capricorn is steady. Both have great senses of humor. I do tell people that all 78 combinations are capable of being a good match.

Gemini and Aquarius have a lot going for them, and honestly are an ideal match for both. Both are wind signs, and astrology theory favors when two signs have the same element.

Gemini Man Secretly In Love: 7 Obvious Signs To Tell

Email address:. So, if he comes back to you, it means that he found you fascinating enough to keep on wishing for more. So, how can you know?

He is a person with a spontaneous and fun-loving personality, but things become even more surprising when he falls for someone. This guy is fascinated and interested in a variety of objects and people, so it might be a bit complex to tell if he really likes you or he just gets attracted for a moment.

A Gemini man can be a lot of fun to be around. He is social, friendly, entertaining, and has a lot of interesting things to say. He is also interested in you, what you do for a living, your hobbies, your background, and anything you have to tell him. Well, at least he is for several minutes. After that, he will move on to the next person.

Signs a Gemini Man Likes You

Of all zodiac signs, Gemini man is known for his fun-loving, spontaneous personality. Many claim he is quite childlike due to his curiosity for everything surrounding him. As he has a huge interest for lots of things and people, it can be hard to determine if he truly falls for you or he just gets a crush for a moment. If you are still wondering whether he likes you more than a friend or not, read on to discover signs that indicate he has feelings for you. For those currently dating a Gemini, the following ideas can also help you figure out if he still likes you or is losing interest. You can tell that he really falls head over heels for you when he wines and dines you most of the time. When both go out for dinner, he will always treat you with gentle manners, such as pulling out a chair for you to sit, showering you with flowers and lovely gifts, and taking care of the check. No wonder he is likely to let out everything to the person he feels interested in. As mentioned earlier, Gemini man has a great curiosity for everything, and he wants to try all types of new experiences along with you when it comes to love relationships.

9 Signs a Gemini Man Secretly Likes You!

This duality affects all the people born under this zodiac sign. So, figuring out whether a Taurus likes you or not is extremely difficult, this is worse. Because one moment he will be gushing on you. This can be disheartening and misleading for anyone.

Andrea loves to write about the zodiac and research astrological love compatibility. She's been an online writer for over five years.

Last Updated on February 18th, By nature, the Gemini are fun-loving people. They are quite spontaneous and are not inclined to being pretentious.

Signs a Gemini Likes You

Is he attracted to you? Does he show signs that indicate that he likes you? Does he like you only as a friend? Perhaps the opposite is true and he is losing interest….

A Gemini man in love is known for his spontaneous and fun-loving personality, but a Gemini man in love can be even more surprising! This zodiac sign has a certain child-like spontaneity and curiosity about the world and people that surround him. With an extremely wide array of interests and fascination for everyone and everything, it can be hard to tell if he is falling in love with you or if he is just interested in you for the moment! Also see the signs a Gemini woman likes you. If you want to feel that incredible, wonderful connection with your Gemini man, then the following information is the most important that you will read on the entire internet. Most women make mistakes that push Gemini men away.

12 Signs a Gemini Man is Seriously Attracted to You


Jump to He wants to have more experiences with you - He wants to have more experiences with you. This guy is known for his addiction to risky.


Signs A Gemini Man Likes You: From Actions To The Way He Texts You


How to Tell If a Gemini Man Is Interested in You (8 Obvious Signs)




7 Signs A Gemini Man Likes You: Things He Does When He Likes You



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