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Boy girl twin names starting with l

If you agonized for months over what to name one baby, you are in for more than double trouble. Your twins' names should fit well together and complement each other. You may want the names to rhyme, have a theme or special connection, or be totally unique from one another. Lists can help you find the perfect names for your adorable little duo. This is a big decision and there are a few questions you may want to ask yourself before deciding on names:.

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Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with L

Log in or Sign up. PinkDiamonds , Jul 20, Haley'sHope , Jul 20, Fossie , Jul 20, How about: Lyndi Lola Lila or Lyla? Lynette Landon Lyle Lane Lucas. MLH , Jul 20, I know these aren't the most unique names, but I love Lily and Logan for twins. I also like Layla and Logan or Lola and Logan. AimeeThomp , Jul 20, And you mentioned an M name. WaterGuzzler , Jul 20, I have a friend named Lylian and I think that's such a pretty name.

Lacy Laney Liam Landon. I like Lily and Logan. For a boy, I also like Lydon. And for a girl I also like Layla. Tamaralynn , Jul 20, Thanks every1! Showed my hubby this page and now he wants me to compile all of them. Will update on what we've shortlisted! PinkDiamonds , Jul 21, It was a girl but I don't know what gender it would usually encompass.

WaterGuzzler , Jul 22, Like the name Lachlan for a boy. Londyn for a girl. I don't know how "unique" you want to go but if I had a girl I was determined to name her Lotus.

And though it doesn't start with L the boy name I would have liked to go with it is Taj. Kind of an India theme I guess which is also a name I really like. I ended up with two boys and my hubby didn't like Taj. Other unique names I really like are Ronin and Atlas.

Good luck and congrats! My daughter is Lena--pronounced Lee-nuh. We named her Lena because Lena Horne died right before our daughter was born, and we both liked the name.

I also like the name Lorna. I like L names for girls in general--never really thought about any L names for boys. I love the name Liev like Liev Schrieber the actor, pronounced lee-ev for a boy, but my husband won't go for it.

Good luck! Christene , Jul 26, Heathermomof5 , Aug 5, PinkDiamonds , Aug 8, Linden as in the tree. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.

Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Girl Names. H names for girls. Twin girls names. Undecided on Girl names.

Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With L with Meanings

Do I have to send my child back to school when they reopen or will I get fined? Congratulations, you're expecting TWO bundles of joy! All jokes aside, it's hard enough coming up with one baby name and you've gone and found yourself in a spot of double trouble.

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Last Updated on April 29, From Lacey to Lystra and everything in between, we have hundreds of baby girl names starting with the letter L along with the meanings and origin of each name. Luna was the most popular baby girl name starting with L in This should come as no surprise as Luna has been increasing in popularity for a decade.

Girl names

Baby names that start with L are intrinsically lovely, luscious, lilting -- and among the most stylish of our era. Here, a list of some of the most intriguing L-starting cool baby names. Lachlan is as Scottish as haggis and tartan plaid kilts—a favorite used throughout England, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand—and just beginning to be noticed in the US: it reached the Top One of the simplest, most down-to-earth yet evocative of the word names, which could work — especially as a middle. Lavender lags far behind sweet-smelling purple-hued sister names Violet and Lilac, but is starting to get some enthusiastic attention from cutting-edge namers. It does have a history as a name, Lavinia is a charmingly prim and proper Victorian-sounding name which actually dates back to classical mythology, where it was the name of the wife of the Trojan hero Aeneas, who was considered Lazarus is a name that looks as if it could possibly be raised from the dead, just like its biblical bearer. Look for it in the next wave of Old Testament revivals that transcend their Leila was popularized in the West by the poet Byron, who used it in his poem Don Juan for a ten-year-old Turkish girl.

Indian baby girl names starting with L

Web aussiethings. L Girls baby names beginning with the letter L. If I have missed any, please add them. English Lacey Delicate fabric.

If you are having twin boy and girl, you would want to name them on a similar theme or sound but want them to be distinct enough to be identifiable with their respective gender.

Baby girl names that begin with the letter L have always been popular. Luna is the top L name for girls today in the US, a fact that will surprise many first-time parents and is sure to shock grandma. The letter L was the most frequent way to start a girl name for several years during the s, thanks to the popularity of Lisa and big sister Linda. There is a wealth of classic L names for girls, such as Lucy, Lydia and Louisa, as well as contemporary favorites like Luna and Layla.

Baby Boy Names That Start With L

Last Updated on May 8, From Lachlan to Lyton and everything in between, hundreds of baby boy names starting with the letter L along with the meanings and origin of each name. Liam was the most popular baby boy name starting with L in

Log in or Sign up. PinkDiamonds , Jul 20, Haley'sHope , Jul 20, Fossie , Jul 20, How about: Lyndi Lola Lila or Lyla?

Baby Names Beginning with L


Show Girl Names starting with L or All Names starting with L. 20 Most Popular Boy Names starting with L. 1. Luke; 2. Louis; 3. Liam; 4. Logan; 5.








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