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Join Sarah Jakes Roberts as she shares her take on the week's top stories in news and entertainment. Listen on Apple Podcasts. Not only did she give great speaking tips, but she also discussed being vulnerable, knowing your audience, and the importance of preparation. The Woman Evolve podcast network is growing just like us.


SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Get Up- Sarah Jakes Roberts- Lisa Nichols- Patrice Washington- (Powerful Inspirational Message)

TD Jakes’ Daughter: From Teen Mom to Ministry Leader and Entrepreneur

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Jakes, became a teen mom at age 14, and later went through a difficult public divorce. Roberts is a four-time author, media personality, wife, and mother of four children.

She has a flair for inspiring women to get through difficult times in their lives while deepening their relationship with God — and she does it her way. While comparisons with her famous father are inevitable, Roberts speaks on stage with a vibrant personality and her own style — she challenges everything from church and cultural norms to self-limiting beliefs, and toxic relationships. Sarah Jakes Roberts : I wish that I could tell you that it was just one moment, but it was a series of events.

Each of those events was rooted in service. I was in my first marriage, and at a really broken point in my life. The more that I blogged about my situation, the more I asked myself what if you became the woman who is on the other side of those words? How did you learn to trust your self to deliver messages that challenged the status quo in church, life, and business?

For instance earlier this year, when you released Wild Woman —a woman commented on your Instagram post that your messages appeared to contradict the Bible. What I trust more than anything is the depth of what I am delivering. I believe if what you are delivering is the answer to a need that you should trust it. For instance, I was so engrossed in what Wild Woman means to me, that it never dawned on me it would make people uncomfortable.

I was engrossed in the need. But you can never find out how to do them in 10 years unless you start now. I deliver messages that resonate with where I am.

I think that probably has a lot to do with the passion that I end up bringing to the message. I think some people do that and that works for them. But I literally go into prayer and access my own life. I focus on where am I and what do I need to hear. So I preached the kind of messages that deliver me from my own fears and insecurities and it just so happens that it ends up resonating with other people.

I see myself evolving in a way that probably will not change a lot of what the public sees, but more about who I am behind the scenes. Making sure that I have the type of infrastructure to support the influx of people who are attached to this messaging. I hope to continue to learn about different strategies and creating proper timelines for the different pinnacles of the brand, and just connecting and submitting myself to people who know more than I do.

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Girl, Get up!

What makes a blessing a blessing? When you feel favored to receive something that is out of the norm. Today I praise God for allowing me to have a present mother who nurtured us in her heart and covered us in prayer. Your heart is a bit more tender today because you have a mom wound to nurse.

With everything going on in the world, taping into inspiration is more important than ever. Thank you, friend so much, friend — Jada S. Our guest for Woke Wednesdays on IG Live this coming week, Alex bridgerofgaps has an amazing post about understanding white privilege , how this shows up in daily life and some of the inner work he is doing to break free.

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Woman Evolve Conference 2018

Sign up Log in. By BeyondMyCross. We bring you some of the most inspired sermons around, daily devotionals, children resources and news from the world of Christianity. Check our web page and let's grow spiritually together! Listen on. Where to listen. Sponsor: Anchor.

Sermon: Sarah Jakes Roberts – “Girl, Get Up”

This is my second time listening, and thought typing would be beneficial for me to get the word deep down into my spirit and my thoughts. Do not trouble the Teacher. And He commanded that she be given something to eat. It forever changed our ability to be innocent and carefree because pain met us, and when pain met us, it changed us. It would be one thing to just have a casket, but Eve has to deal with the issue of carrying a casket and a curse.

Jakes, became a teen mom at age 14, and later went through a difficult public divorce. Roberts is a four-time author, media personality, wife, and mother of four children.

In , Sarah launched Woman Evolve a ministry that focuses on incubating every woman to her fullness. Since its conception Woman Evolve has been successful at reaching and guiding thousands of women to awaken healing, wholeness, and love for themselves and others. To learn more about ways that you can get involved with the Woman Evolve movement click here.

Girl, Get Up - Sarah Jakes Roberts (December-12-2019)

Jan 14, Others 0. I am so excited to be in Georgia. Can you help me just acknowledge the incredible leadership of the Divine conference with the entire Franklin Prescott family? I honor you so much.

Join Sarah Jakes Roberts as she shares her take on the week's top stories in news and entertainment. This week's rescue covered Survivng R. Kelly and was so long that there was no room to help anyone else get on the boat although, TSA did sneak in. We had a LOT of sex talk so parental advisory is advised. And just like that, our weekly party has come to an end. We took a moment and said all Hail Gayle King.

“Girl, Get Up” by Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts


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#29 - Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts: Girl Get Up




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