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Girl meets world fanfiction riley changes

Maya Hart never cried. She never got attached too much. People always left her. If she got too attached she'd shove her feelings down and never let them show. She never asked for much.

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Maybe Riley should have known that once those words were spoken, more specifically towards her, that things would start to change. Not that they haven't already. But more as if she started to change. It wasn't pre planned, maybe to the celestial being or beings up there or down here they knew what will happened.

But Riley didn't. And Riley knew that no one expected her to change the way she did. And Farkle, he was the one who said those words, and Lucas who in his head affected her with his words though she will never admit it, might have felt as if they were the ones who started the ball rolling and catalyst her change.

But this was a long time coming. Metamorphosis was coming towards her. Ava Morgernstern's dad just left. Riley liked Ava. The girl had spunk and while her rough and slightly rude demeanor gave for a slightly impressionable first impression; Riley always believed that the girl was something. And something she was. Riley could see how affected she was by her dad leaving, she saw years ago when Maya's dad left, but Ava had managed to put a brave front and still allowed for Auggie to see her soul.

Ava could still become who she was meant to be. Even without her dad. Maya certainly did. So Riley did the Riley thing and took care of her. She wanted Ava to grow and become everything that Ava could be.

With that in mind she spent more time with Auggie and Ava then she did in middle school. Riley divided her time between Ava and Auggie, Maya, her family and her friends and the other activities that she decided to sink her hands into. She was alright with her friends. They had all made peace with what happened at the beginning of high school. They were as close as they could be but they were all growing and changing.

Sometimes one of them drifted away for a while but they came back. Everyone moved except maybe her. It happened separately and simultaneously for all them. But Riley was constant, at least that was what she thought the others view her as. But her views of the world changing slowly. And she wasn't scared of that. In fact that quiet growth gave her this calm quiet force that was not easily trampled. Whatever obstacles she faced Riley knew for certain that there is tomorrow and tomorrow was limitless.

With that in mind she never felt the need to give up or give in to whatever it was that was suppose to be the bane of her current teenage life. Soon enough 6 months had passed. It was one of those days where somehow everyone was together at Topanga's and doing their own thing. Her parents were situated at the counter. Katy wasn't in today but that didn't stop Maya from claiming a table to herself.

She had an art elective project while Zay was at the same table watching videos on his phone. Farkle and Lucas were probably doing school work at a table close by. She used the term probably because she really didn't know. They could be discussing video games for all she knew.

Riley was with Auggie and Ava helping them with their school projects. They were suppose to do built a diorama of the solar system. Riley was told that the best diorama will be given a special price. Ava and Auggie obviously were a competitive duet. She didn't at all want Ava to feel as if she was being patronised but wanted offer small little interesting facts. After months of being on babysitting duty she had a knack of collecting facts that she thought would be interesting for Auggie and Ava.

She will need to google that one later. And give a relevant explanation about ancient times and when people believed in warlocks and gods and legends. She didn't know that what she said, while they hold no significance to her at this point of time, captured the attention of her group of friends. Her group of friends who were looking at one another with confusion before settling on eavesdropping on the conversation.

I think your teacher would like this very much. I need to grab my bag and then we can head towards the apartment" Riley said as she made her way to the tables that her friends were at. She could hear Auggie's and Ava's okays as she turned to collect her stuff from the table her friends were situated at. Riley barely paid attention to her mom's reply, she was grabbing and stuffing all her things in her bag.

She had so much things that she needed to do. There was an english essay and some maths and she had a biology quiz tomorrow. After she dropped Ava off, she needed to study. As if she was giving him a complicated puzzle. She felt something shift between her and her group of friends.

Did they feel it too? They were almost done and she was pretty sure they were going to be bored and restless if she didn't move now. It had nothing to do with the fact that she didn't want to be analysed by her friends, "I have to go, I'm pretty sure those two have no problems getting into trouble.

See you guys in school. She didn't give much time for her friends to speak before going back to the kids. It was only when she reached home after sending Ava off did she realise the enormity of her words. Pluto is not a planet. She made her peace with the fact that she was no artist and no scientist not to Farkle and Isadora's calibre. She was not physically gifted hence not a cheerleader.

She was just not. That was the way she defined herself. Not this, not that. Not enough and in the back of her mind that might be the reason why she is too much for some people. Talk about mental overcompensation. She didn't want to be a not. She didn't want to feel that word being the reason why she was so unhappy. So she did things. And she found out that it was so much more fun to do things then think about things.

Thoughts never helped anyone unless they become actions. So she didn't think about 'girlfriend' and 'girl friend'. She didn't think when people automatically assumed her naive and stupid. Let them think what they wanted.

She just moved forward. It wasn't like before when she had blindfaith. She knows how to dip her toes in and test waters.

She starts knowing how to read people or at least know what they will do. But she doesn't tell anyone about that particular talent. Instead she writes and writes and writes. She writes until 2 in the morning before her eyes force her closed.

And she reads. She reads a lot. It is only in these two places will she allow herself to hope and imagine. It is there she believes good and right and that characters could be more. That she could be more and no one says she is too much or she should stop believing. Where who she is is more than enough and that is not a bad thing. That part of her is closed to the world but one day she hopes she can open to someone. It didn't need to be a boy that she is going to fall in love with but a person.

Someone she could talk that was a neutral party that knew nothing of her past or future. Their only interaction would be the now they created.

Maya felt her heart plummet as she met Lucas' level gaze. She narrowed her eyes slightly, searching his eyes for any sight of mirth, or even deception, anything really that could reassure her that he was not serious about what he had just said. She found no sign of it.

Riley is in her second year of architecture at UCLA, and she's loving every minute of it. The thing with moving miles away from your hometown is that it changes you. Your parents and friends aren't around the corner, their on the other side of the country, and with them being so far away, maintaining communication is difficult.

He's one of the most popular boys and a star baseball player who is also known for playing girls' hearts. Jackson had a string of girlfriends throughout his years, but little did he know, he would develop feelings for Riley Matthews. Riley was not the most popular girl in the school, and she was also a 9th grader when Jackson asked her out. All of her friends:Maya, Lucas, Farkle, Zay, and Smackle, had told her to be careful when it came to him.

Zay never moved to New York in this story. Riley does find out about Lucas' past. He tells her. Zay will still be involved in this story though. Everytime else pretty much stays in line with the show expect that. This is my first fanfiction for GMW. I have written for other shows. I hope everyone enjoys this story. I look at my watch and it is now 7pm.

Amongst other people, her best friend Maya Hart sat in the stands watching her swim. Maya Hart had competed earlier and lost and was still in her swim team outfit but didn't change because she didn't want to miss a second of Riley competing. Maya watched with so much eagerness to see her best friend win. And then she saw it.

I don't own, work for, know anyone who owns, works for Disney and Disney's Girl Meets world in anyway.

Maybe Riley should have known that once those words were spoken, more specifically towards her, that things would start to change. Not that they haven't already. But more as if she started to change.

Summary: How can Riley make the world her own when everyone else seems to be deciding how she should feel? A look inside Riley's head, based on spoilers for Yearbook and Semi-Formal. Disclaimer : I haven't actually been able to get the links to Yearbook to work, so this is all based on spoilers and analysis in the tags.

So this is my first story on fanfiction : I hope at least a few of you will enjoy it, because it isn't a typical story. Or maybe it is. I don't know Don't forget to leave a review! Warning: Story may contain subjects sensitive to some readers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Maya and Lucas were sitting by the window currently discussing the love triangle. Lucas felt slightly relieved yet uncomfortable that they were talking about this. Thst meant that this whole love triangle businesses could be over. But that also meant he would end up breaking one of their hearts. Maya froze. This was not how she expected things to go. He was supposed to say Riley. He was supposed to be with her.

Oct 13, - Riley is ready to start her senior year of high school with her friends and boyfriend Charlie Gardner. Her world is turned upside down when.

I just had an idea this morning while I was trying to sleep and I had to write it. Summery: Friends in High School drift apart and maybe it's that time for Riley to branch out. I like all the characters but this is just in my head.

It had started off as a normal day. I was on the train headed to me and my best friend, Maya's favorite store, Demolition. I was sitting on the bench, waiting for my stop while looking through the pictures on my phone. Probably half of them were pictures of me and Maya, goofing around.

Riley sighed as she pulled her hair into a high ponytail. The day's events, not to mention the past days, have been emotionally exhausting. Learning about Lucas's past had made Riley question what else she didn't know about him. She turned off the lights and slid into her comfy bed, relaxing against her enormous pile of pillows.

A little while ago, I crossed the threshold of followers on tumblr and held a one shot give away. The winner was cowboy-and-city-girl , who requested a story where after the now infamous scene in the season 3 promo, Riley breaks down and tells Lucas everything.

I fell in love with Girl Meets Rileytown and thought it was the perfect opportunity to fulfill my craving. I realize the text message that Riley relayed to Maya in the show probably was all in one and not drawn out over the course of a few weeks, but for all intents and purposes, for this story, it is. It could be a little sloppy; I don't spend a lot of time editing, otherwise I end up changing the entire story. But the objective should be clear.

Lucas seemed torn between Maya and her. He continued to talk to Maya after all she hadn't lied to him and he needed to talk to someone. Maya wanted to talk to Riley but was angry that she kept this secret from her. Zay stuck by Lucas he has always been his friend and he knew that he was hurting. Farkle was the go between for Lucas and the others and Riley. He hated that everyone seemed to be breaking apart and the one that was left in the dust was Riley.

I'm tired. I'm tired of the expectations I seemingly have to fulfill every day. I'm tired of trying to be a person I'm just not anymore. I can't see the world as sunshine and rainbows, because I'm not who I was back in middle school.

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