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Im a girl watcher chords

The twists of the song's lyrics the protagonist, just 24 hours from reaching home, falls in love with a woman when he stops driving for the night, leaving his current partner twisting in the wind are echoed in the music's tonal ambiguity, a common feature of Bacharach's constructivist style. The verse is in G major, with a lydian implication in the melody supported by the supertonic major. At the start of the chorus, an interruption of the expected cadence by the subdominant chord C major establishes this as the new tonic, with the remainder of the chorus centered around the submediant, dominant and subdominant chords of this key. A similar interruption at the end of the chorus converts an expected perfect cadence in the new key to a modal cadence back into G major. At the end of the song, a dominant seventh on the tonic resolves as a perfect cadence into a new key to finish the song on the subdominant chord of the principal key C major as viewed from the perspective of a G major tonality.

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Steve Hackett interview by TWR

The Filson maintains a large collection of 19th and 20th century sheet music. Numbering some 4, items, much of the collection reflects the popular music of the day, such as patriotic marches, homesick laments, or romantic ballads.

The collection is heavily concentrated thematically on Kentucky and the Civil War. Share Us! Choose Your Social Network. John L. Adams H. Tone 1 Missouri waltz Weber, C. Quidor 1 Young America polka Johnson, C.

James D. Sheppard T. Peters George W. Quidor 1 Luna waltz, The Gunter, E. Peters G. Quidor 1 Air favori Hunten, Francois A. Fiot ? Quidor 1 Esmeralda, La Angele de V. Quidor 1 Convolvulus quickstep Kinkel, C. Faulds J. Slinglandt 1 Musical knick-knacks Grobe, Charles F.

Hitchcock ? Peters ? Slinglandt 1A Oh! Sing no more that gentle song Peters, W. Lawson 1A Eminence quick-step Bayley, T. Slinglandt; E. Shepard 1A Safe polka Lock, A. George P. Reed unknown 1A It is the hour of love! Weber, C. Peters J. Slinglandt 1A I never have loved thee Peters, W.

Cragg unknown 2 Valse Marie Gray, H. Quidor 2 Alanna waltz, The Weber, C. Henry W. Peters unknown 2 Driven from home Hays, Will S. James H. Cragg ? Faulds ? Slinglandt 2 Madeline White, C.

Brainard's Sons unknown 2 Ah! Reichert ? Faulds unknown 2 Heather rose, op. Hackett Bros. Ohio Falls Music Co. UNK unknown 3 Heliotrope. May flowers, no. Gockeritz 3 Etania polka Opl, Joseph K. Slinglandt 3 Pelican schottisch Meininger, Julius C.

William McCarrell G. Cragg Reed 3 Claudie Marcailhou, G. Brainard ? Faulds unknown a 3 Evening chimes Abendlauten reverie Marzian, A. Marzian unknown 3 Mossy bank polka LaMar, A. Dixie Jr. Willig Jr. Webb; E. Gillingham 3 Helter skelter.

Little fairy waltz -- b. Little fairy schottsche — c. Little fairy march Streabbog, A. Ted Browne Music Co. Stasny Music Co. Nicholls D. Slinglandt 4 Jacob gets the mitten Wallace, W. Faulds unknown 4 When the cotton's gathered in - a song for the South 67 G. Peters unknown 4 Gone to the heavenly garden Chamberlain, J. Peters unknown 4 Give my love to all at home Stewart, James E. Peters unknown 4 Clear the track! Strauss, Eduard J. Peters unknown 4 Silver cloud Mueller, Francis J.

Webb 4 Canary bird waltz, The Webster, F. Oliver Ditson J. Fagan 4 Forest burial, The Appunn, G. Faulds UNK J. Faulds Reed; J. Sinclairs 5 Southern belle polka Geil, Frederick D. Faulds Will Coles; J. Slinglandt 5 Spring flower polka Kappes, J. Edwardes House of Harmony unknown 5 America and the flag - the dauntless freedom flag Baxter, W.

Reed 6 My heart is thine forever Owen, Walter D. Boyle's grand march Rossington D. Peters unknown 6 Sleep on! Sleep on! McQuown, William R. James L. Powell UNK Andrews. Slinglandt 6 Oh, think of me Huddart, John F. George D. Henry Bollman Borlinghaus 6 Alice, where art thou? Ascher, J. Val D. Slinglandt 6 O Ada, fairest, dearest! Linwood, E. Slinglandt 6 Blair waltz Owen, Walter D. Reed 6 Enjolras, the song of the patriot Scotus, Edmundus D.

Slinglandt 6 Autumn leaves are drifting Edwards, Annie H. Smith Henry McCaffrey ? Slinglandt; J.

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Well, here we are with the latest instalment in our "Let's get technical" series of features. Over to you, chaps! G L: So, Steve I don't know if I mentioned as we were on our way over here that I have spent the last ten or so years trying to emulate what you do so it is really an unexpected pleasure and opportunity here to ask you some questions that will be of interest to the readers who look on the web site but also there's a bit of selfish stuff in there as well.

The Filson maintains a large collection of 19th and 20th century sheet music. Numbering some 4, items, much of the collection reflects the popular music of the day, such as patriotic marches, homesick laments, or romantic ballads. The collection is heavily concentrated thematically on Kentucky and the Civil War.

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Twenty Four Hours from Tulsa

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Steve Hackett interview by TWR

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Hilarious results ensue when the words of one song fit the rhythm and metre of the other but they have completely different sentiments: Jabberwocky and Jerusalem, for example. The game works because audiences recognise the disconnect between the sentiment of the lyrics and the music. Everyone knows that a good tune needs not just to fit the rhythm of the words but to convey something appropriate to their meaning. Researchers found that seventh chords — chords with four different notes rather than the usual three — had an even higher association with positive words.

Twenty Four Hours from Tulsa

If this song really means something special to you, describe your feelings and thoughts. Don't hesitate to explain what songwriters and singer wanted to say. Also we collected some tips and tricks for you:. O'Kaysions — Girl Watcher lyrics.

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Chords for The O'Kaysions I'm A Girl Watcher.: E, A, Bm, D. Play along with guitar, ukulele, or piano with interactive chords and diagrams. Includes transpose.


Girl Watcher chords by Okaysions







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