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What to get a woman on her 40th birthday

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They say 40 is the new Whatever that means, it sure sounds nice. After all, they should have accumulated enough wisdom by now to start figuring this thing out. Let them figure that out on their own. Birthday Experiences Gift Box.

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50 amazing gifts that women actually want

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They say 40 is the new Whatever that means, it sure sounds nice. After all, they should have accumulated enough wisdom by now to start figuring this thing out. Let them figure that out on their own. Birthday Experiences Gift Box.

Experiences make some of the best gifts, but it can be a real challenge to come up with good ones over and over again. This birthday grab bag allows the recipient to choose any one experience from a list of over options that range from relaxing dining experiences and laid-back ocean cruises to extreme sports adventures in far-flung locales.

Make Travel Plans. A 40th birthday is a momentous occasion that marks a crossroads between mental and physical well being. Years of experience, gained wisdom, and emotional maturity are at their highest levels, but the body is beginning a slow process of falling apart piece by piece.

Have a laugh at their expense with this funny eye test chart that will likely become a useful indicator as their vision inevitably deteriorates over the coming years.

Your True Age Game. Most people go through life never knowing how old they truly are. The one that determines how you act, think, and make sense of the world. Because outside of insurance premiums and senior discounts at the local diner, your internal age is the one that really matters. Genetic Family Tree. The simple family tree keeps expanding, with every branch having a story to tell, and it can take decades of research to learn about it all.

Why not give them the gift of a start on that journey while they are young enough to complete it someday? Jar of Birthday Wishes. Seems kind of lazy when you think about it. With Kindnotes, you can keep those good vibes coming for an entire month.

Thirty-one little envelopes, each with a tiny note containing thoughts of inspiration, appreciation, and love. Choose from ready-made sets with messages already included, blank cards that you can fill in yourself, or Kindnotes will custom print your personalized set and jar. Just give it to them.

They know. They have figured out for themselves that their body is not quite the well-tuned machine that it once was. Just give the Fitbit, and leave the rest to them. Forty used to be the standard age to judge someone as being over the hill. Now, with our breakthroughs in medical science, improved understanding of nutrition and exercise, and advances in collective denial, we all know that 40 is young as hell. But in case they insist on having a mid-life crisis, here are 40 expert-selected ways to distract themselves from their dark night of the soul.

Help them go boldly into middle age. Costco Membership. In fact, you might get really lucky with a jumbo pack of toilet roll as a thank you. Race Car Track Massage Shirt. This ingenious shirt tricks kids into giving back massages to their parents.

It has a cartoon network of roads printed on the back so kids playing with a toy car driving around the town will secretly be loosening tight muscles and soothing back pain while they play. Lottery Ticket Birthday Bouquet. This birthday, why not give them a bouquet of something they actually want — like the chance to win the lottery and retire early to travel the world in a super yacht!

Jon, can you hear me, you seem to be sailing in the other direction…? Whole Bottle Wine Glass. Of course, bourgeois society has attached all kinds of stigma to drinking straight from the bottle, so some kind of compromise is necessary. And that compromise is right here. Personalized Travel Map. This personalized travel map comes with colored pins to mark those them all on an attractive US or world map.

Things That Might Kill You. This is a 40th birthday gift that can backfire, be warned. You may turn an otherwise normal, mild mannered person into a raving hypochondriac worried that every cough is tuberculosis, every headache a tumor, and diarrhea radiation sickness. It could happen. Motorized Cooler. Nobody wants to be the guy on the news who got arrested for drunk driving an empty cooler.

So stay safe. When you were a kid, your mom probably told you not to sit so close to the TV — at least, if you were born way back before parents gave up on that sort of thing. Well, here is the Oculus Go, designed to be the ultimate in sticking it to your parents. Pretty much the most immersive personal entertainment system available, designed for people who want to be in the movie, not just watch it. Experiences Are The Best Gifts. Help them create some new memories to look back on by finding a fun activity to do locally.

Perhaps the best gift you could give is a well-earned day off. Watch their face light up when they kick back and enjoy a day of total relaxation as you take care of all the hard work for them. Craft Beer Club. The beer world has truly exploded with breweries over the last decade-plus, which is great for anyone who likes trying new things. However, this proliferation of choice has a dark side.

Dyed-in-the-wool beer lovers now face overwhelming anxiety every time they go to pick up a six pack or fill up a growler. The Craft Beer Club removes this pain point by making the necessary choices for all involved, so beer time can go back to being the sweet revelation it used to be. Bath Bomb Making Kit. No costly medical bills or long, drawn out criminal trials. Just an explosion of peace and relaxation. Nothing brings a middle-aged adult back to their youth like a box of classic candy from their childhood.

Which explains the survival of weird Halloween staples like candy corn and circus peanuts. This is the candy box full of classic stuff that even a 40 year-old can get excited about. Backwards Clock. The subtle appeal of the universal wish to reverse the relentless march of time comes in the form of a regular round kitchen clock. But instead of ticking away the seconds in the standard clockwise direction, this clock goes backwards, seeming for a moment to be leading to the idyllic past rather than uncertain future.

Old Timers Survival Kit. And ponder. Southwest Airlines Gift Card. Help your favorite year-old get away and recharge in a faraway place where nobody knows them and they can act however they want with virtually no longstanding social repercussions. Because when things get tough, evacuation is usually the only solution. Time Before Death Countdown Watch. Solve the problem with a 3D Printer. That thing they forgot they needed? There in a flash and quicker than Amazon Prime. Money Bouquet. The dirty secret of gift giving is that we are really just imposing our will on others.

Well, to heck with all that, just give money. But fold it into little flowers first so it looks pretty. This nifty little speed demon is perfect for when they really want to make an entrance to a party. And did you say they have a birthday coming up? A gift that keeps on giving. Make Your Hot Sauce Kit. Well, maybe the answer is to let them make their own. This kit allows you to experiment with different pepper, spice, and vinegar combinations until you find the holy grail of hotness.

No more excuses, just hot pepper perfection. Original Artwork. Choose something as colorful as they are or something that reminds them of their favorite memories. Either way, a piece of original artwork is a gift that they can treasure forever and who knows? It could be the next Picasso. Wine Bottle Puzzle. If you think life in our rapid-delivery consumer culture is just a bit too easy, then teach someone a valuable lesson on their 40th birthday, by making them work more than they anticipated for their reward.

Bathtub Wine Glass Holder.

40th Birthday Gifts for Her

At age 40, people know themselves better than they ever have — consider yourself lucky to be a member of their inner circle. From gag gifts , to commemorative gifts, to personalized gifts , to just plain awesome gifts, here are 40 great 40th birthday gifts to ring in their fourth decade the right way. You can't go wrong with this "vintage" T-shirt. It's the perfect 40th birthday gift for repping their birth year.

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At this stage in life, 40th birthday gift ideas for women should be mature and sophisticated—but never boring! We offer a huge array of thoughtful gift ideas that are appropriate for her age. Need some inspiration? A bright bouquet of birthday blooms is always a timeless choice. Choose between vibrant roses bursting with color, or add an extra touch of sweetness with our pink rosaleas potted in a decorative ice cream cone.

40th Gifts For Women

If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. Gift shopping is hard. What does she want? What color would she want it in? Is she allergic to anything? Does she like to read? What is her favorite scent? So many questions, so little time to buy. For the past three years or so, Instant Pots have been all the rage for both advanced home chefs and those who lightly dabble in cooking.

Festive 40th Birthday Gifts for Ringing in a New Decade

Turning 40 and still as fabulous as ever? Celebrate with a 40th birthday gift for her. They say life begins at 40, so why not get a special gift to embrace this new phase in her life? Maybe you want to treat her with a day of pamper or celebrate the occasion with a personalised necklace? We've got a whole range of amazing gift ideas that will make her 40th birthday extra special.



40th Birthday Gifts For Her



40th Birthday Gifts


Find 40th birthday gift ideas for women. Give the perfect 40th birthday gift for her - every time. Visit now!








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