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How to look for a job in berlin

Berlin has a young, highly educated and creative international workforce, turning the city into a mecca for young creatives and tech start-ups. Even though the city draws people from around the world to work in Berlin, if you speak German you will stand a much better chance of employment. Berlin is one of the hippest cities in Europe; its vibrant nightlife, vivid art scene and affordable cost of living are contributing factors that attract expats to work in Berlin. However, you will also need perseverance, enough money to tide you over and the willingness to learn German. You can also read our guide to finding a job in Germany , where we list nation-wide job sites and job vacancies. While it can be harder to find jobs in Berlin than other German cities, with perseverance finding a job in Berlin is possible.

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Updated: Nov 11, Finding a job in a foreign country can be daunting especially when the main working language in the country is not your mother tongue. This is arguably the number 1 fear for expats moving to the German capital. However, there are in fact many English-speaking jobs in Berlin and international companies are popping up left, right and centre in the city. With a thriving start-up scene, some have even labelled Berlin as the Silicon Valley of Europe. In this article, we have laid out some tips and tricks for landing your dream job as well as some info on how we can help you along the way.

Related Blog Posts. Our Quick Tips. It's much easier to land a job in Berlin when you are actually living in the city than when you are applying from abroad — so don't be afraid of moving to the city without a job lined up.

That way you are available straight away for interviews, etc. Always have a Berlin address on your CV to show that you are in the city. Take a German course! While there are many English-speaking jobs in Berlin, it looks good on your CV to show that you are at least starting to learn the language. Add a professional-looking photo to your CV. Germans often get professional photos taken to put on their CVs, so make sure that you have a high-quality picture of yourself before applying for jobs.

This is really important and often a reason why CVs are overlooked in Germany. Adapt your CV to the German job market.

The structure of German CVs are quite particular and are different from other countries. Additional Tips. Have savings. Our participants find a job on average between 4 - 6 weeks after arriving in Berlin, however, it can take longer.

So prepare for the worst and have savings to keep you going for at least three months in Berlin. Salaries are paid monthly in Berlin so you could start a job and not be paid for a month, so it pays to be prepared. Be flexible. If you focus too much on one area or sector, you may find it much trickier to find a job in Berlin.

Be open to other avenues, career paths and opportunities. It may not be your dream job in the beginning, but a foot in the door will often open up opportunities further down the line.

The city really has something for everyone! The Job Market. Like any other European hub, the Berlin job market can be quite competitive and our programmes give you a great platform from which to start your job hunt. In all our programmes, we include listings of over companies which hire English speakers and other languages — where possible, we also provide contact details for the recruiters at those companies and direct links to their jobs boards.

Added to this, our online resource base includes detailed information on how to adapt your CV for the German job market, example CVs and detailed job hunting tips.

Listed below are just a few of the many companies in Berlin who have a large number of international employees. Rocket Internet. Kayak Explore. Hello Fresh. Delivery Hero. Most common English-speaking roles in Berlin. In our experience with helping a large number of people from around the globe land jobs in Berlin, the most common English-speaking jobs in Berlin are currently:.

Job Boards. Job boards cost money and a lot of smaller companies and start-ups will therefore not post every opening on paid job boards. Posting a job on a job board also requires correct keyword planning so the job is found easily. Larger companies may have more experience in this or a larger budget for job ads.

Therefore, job openings on larger job boards or those that are easily found will have a much wider audience and be far more competitive. Traditional methods of job hunting in Berlin using large job boards like Indeed, etc. The best way to stand out and increase your chances of landing interviews in Berlin is to apply for jobs that a smaller group of people have seen.

This is where our company listings of over Berlin-based companies that employ English speakers come into play — the listings which are included in all of our programmes allow you to quickly go straight to the source and search directly on each company's own career page. Often jobs are posted on a company's own career page before an external job board — this way the company may even find a candidate directly before having to shell out to post it on an external job board.

Our listings will help you find openings before other candidates and you will see which companies in Berlin hire English speakers in your industry. They are also very handy for sending out speculative applications, which are very common in the city. Our company listings are divided into categories for ease of use — business, tech, hospitality, childcare, education and retail.

Below are a few job boards to get you started. Berliner Jobmarkt. The Local. Expat Job Seeker. Berlin Xpat Jobs. Jobs in Berlin. Startup Jobs. Below are a few start-up job boards. Angel List. Tech Jobs Berlin. The Heureka. Berlin start-up list.

Berlin Startup Jobs. Freelancing is very common in Berlin. Nomaden Berlin can also help you set up as a freelancer as part of our relocation programmes. We provide step-by-step guidance on applying for a Residence Permit for Freelance Employment, information on how to apply for a freelance tax number Steuernummer , including a translated application form, and detailed information on how to freelance in Germany.

Job Search on LinkedIn. Set the location to Berlin and use the keywords function to specify the type of work you are looking for, e. You can also set up alerts for new job listings. Get a free day trial of a LinkedIn premium account, which will give you more search options and allow you to message recruiters directly. On your LinkedIn privacy settings, you can now select to let recruiters know that you are open to new positions — make sure you enable this feature so that recruiters can find you more easily.

Xing is a platform similar to LinkedIn and is widely used in Germany. Create a Xing profile as Xing also has a job board. Facebook groups are also a great place to look for a job. Berlin start-up and other jobs. English jobs Berlin. Berlin Job Detector. Hospitality Jobs. Bars, shops, restaurants and hostels often employ English speakers. Your best bet of landing one of these jobs is to ask when the manager will be working and drop by with your CV.

In our company listings, we list a large number of restaurants and bars in Berlin that hire English speakers. To work in hospitality in Berlin, you need to apply for a Red Card. Despite hospitality being one of the main sectors that hire English speakers in Berlin, it's much better if you can communicate on some level with your German-speaking customers and it will significantly help your chances of finding a job.

Prior to arriving in Berlin, study some of the common German terms and phrases used in the hospitality sector. This will make your life a little easier as well as the lives of your customers. How can Nomaden Berlin help me land an English-speaking job in Berlin? As part of all of our relocation programmes , we provide the following job hunting advice and support:. With this support, most of our participants are able to secure full-time employment within 4 to 6 weeks of arriving in Berlin.

All of our programmes also include full access to our relocation platform, that contains all you need to know to get set up in Berlin, from applying for and securing an employment visa, registering an address and getting a tax ID to finding an apartment, signing up for German health insurance, setting up a bank account and everything in between! On top of this, we offer a range of different services to suit your different needs. These services include:. We will also provide and help you complete the necessary paperwork prior to your appointment.

Relocation workshop so you know exactly when, where and how to complete the different relocation steps. If this takes your fancy, then why not check out our different relocation programmes through the links below:.

Berlin Kickstarter. Berlin Pro. Berlin Basic. Now is the time to move to Berlin with Nomaden Berlin!

Working in Berlin

Our team of experts is ready to help you find a home abroad, move your household goods, and settle into your new country. Working in Berlin could allow you to learn from some of the most talented and creative people in the world, whether you meet them in your team at work, at co-working spaces, or in business deals. Berlin is one of the most attractive cities to work in, so you can expect strong competition for the top jobs.

Find a Job in Berlin. Join our network: Our new Facebook group is all about finding a job in Berlin.

All you have to do is work hard and be open to it. First things first: decide on what kind of lifestyle you want to have. Next, think about what kind of work will facilitate that. Berlin is a deeply liveable city that allows a kind of flexibility that people working in other global capitals can only dream of. So, if you have your heart set on big change, now is the time to consider what that means for you.

Finding jobs in Berlin

The Quick Check on the Make it in Germany website should indicate your chances of working in Germany. There is demand, among others, for doctors, nursing staff, engineers, mechatronic technicians, IT specialists and train drivers. Before you start looking for a job it is best to first clarify whether you need a visa to work in Germany. For many jobs it can be useful and for some it is even necessary that vocational or educational qualifications from your home country are recognised in Germany. You can check whether this applies to you on the Recognition in Germany website. The job listings on the Make it in Germany website give details of vacancies where international specialists are explicitly sought. Overview of job exchanges in Germany.

Tips About How To Find A Job In Berlin In 2020

Have you recently moved to Berlin and are wondering what is the best way to find a job in this busy and exciting metropolitan? You came to the right place! Despite what you may have heard, Berlin has a good job market, with lots of companies searching for international candidates to help their businesses flourish. In order to help you in your search for a new job, we decided to give you a few tips on how you can improve. The applications we get range from the very good to the very bad.

You will book flights, hotels or rental cars. You will advise value for money accommodations, book additional luggage or alter bookings where necessary.

What is really difficult is to find a stable and decent one that is calling out to your education field. I will give you however a little secret of mine, the key to a durable career in Berlin. You need to speak German fluently to find a job in Berlin. The first reason for that is that there are many overqualified foreigners like you applying for the same jobs.


These websites help job seekers in Berlin find open positions and internships in startups, tech and other fields. Did we forget a website? Let us know.

This is a country that has so many different sides to show, and so many different accents, cultures, and landscapes. It reaches from the Baltic Sea and flatlands in the north to the Alps with Bavarian culture, to the forests and lakes in the south. In between, you have many big cities such as the capital Berlin, the finance and logistics centre of Europe Frankfurt, one of the biggest city complexes named Ruhrpott in the west, and the fastest growing city in Germany: Leipzig. On the other hand, you need to find a job and you need to get through the headache of dealing with a new working culture Arbeitskultur. We begin with the requirements, what jobs to look for, where to look for positions, and even cover the German work culture.

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We're a company of pioneers. It's our job to make bold bets, and we get our energy from inventing on behalf of customers. Success is measured against the possible, not the probable. Mazars is all about people — we believe that each individual makes a difference to the Mazars culture. As an international firm with strong European roots, we are a melting pot of different It aims to become the global leader in iron deficiency, nephrology and cardio-renal therapies. The company is the partner of

I am not an expert, I am a freelance living in Berlin, but let's try:) The best way to find a job (if you are English speaker or not) is not through online job boards, the  8 answers.

Berlin, more than most other cities in Germany, has a lack of jobs in the industrial sector. All western companies started to move to the south of Germany, where there were many qualified workers and political stability. In recent years, big German companies like Deutsche Bahn, Siemens and Daimler Mercedes started to open up branches and headquarters in the city, which brought in some highly qualified jobs but not enough to help bring down unemployment figures to a western German standard. The majority of jobs in Berlin nowadays are in the tourism and service sections, while Startup-Jobs are on the rise.

How to find a job in Berlin

With incredibly high unemployment, it can be difficult to find a job in Berlin. There are relatively few multinational companies. Any special skills especially language , increase your chances of finding employment.

Hauptstadt Job Hunt: How To Find a Job in Berlin

Finding a job in Germany isn't easy - especially as foreigner. Our job guide provides information about salaries, contracts and working conditions. Look in the classifieds for positions available and post an ad with your details. Chat with other job-seekers in the forums.

Updated: Nov 11,


Moving to Berlin Guide



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