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Single woman travel canada

Womens Travel Network was founded 15 years ago to help others experience the fascination of travel, the exploration, the connection, the growth, the sense of accomplishment, and the joy. Our guests are women between the ages of 40 to 60, though some are younger or older. They are single, widowed, divorced or married but enjoy a separate vacation from their spouse. Many women come on their own — instead of solo travel, these women enjoy the camaraderie and security of being with a group.



13 of the Best Places in Canada for Solo Travelers

If you make a purchase through these links, I earn a commission at no extra cost to you. This disclosure pertains to all affiliate links. Solo travel in Canada is amazing. Sometimes I still laugh about my experience. On a camping trip? Getting dirty? Crazy, but I loved every second of it. I hiked through Banff and Jasper, and then spent a few swanky days chilling in Vancouver. I returned to Canada again in , but this time I enjoyed a long weekend exploring Montreal, complete with a hockey game!

Not a fan of camping trips or national parks? No problem! Canada is perfect for solo female travel for many other reasons. The country is friendly, beautiful, easy to navigate, cosmopolitan, and so much more. Not to mention, you can always find cool activities in summer or winter, making Canada a very versatile destination for any solo traveler.

Without further ado, here are my five main reasons why you ought to try solo travel in Canada. A solo trip to Canada means you will never have to look over your shoulder in fear. Nor will you have to constantly check the safety of your belongs. Solo female travelers are common, too. You may, uh, regret trying to take that perfect selfie with a black bear. Banff and Jasper are undeniably beautiful.

However, every year, helicopters are summoned to save lost hikers high in the mountains. Buy your Lonely Planet guide to Canada. One of the best reasons why Canada is perfect for solo female travel! Yeah, yeah, stereotypes are sometimes wrong and bad, but honestly? In my experience Canadian kindness is true. Over all, Canadians are amazing. What could be better? Check out these epic G Adventures tours of North America. Ahh, wondrous nature is another epic reason why solo travel in Canada is perfect for travelers everywhere.

Do you love nature? Then Canada is for you. Seriously, Banff and Jasper are so. Go enjoy the best hikes in Banff and make all your friends at home feeling sick with envy. Do you prefer the Pacific Northwest? Then camping on Vancouver Island is the ideal trip for you! Like… wow. For example, Mount Royal offers a touch of spectacular nature in the confines of a large city.

You want to see plenty of beauty as a solo female traveler, so you can show your family and friends why exploring the world alone is worth the hassle and anxiety.

I promise. Go enjoy the fresh air. Are you more of a city gal than an outdoorsy type? Memories for life! Shopping, parks, museums galore! Each city is very unique, too. For example, my solo trip to Vancouver left me feeling confident, because I learned to navigate the bus system all on my own! Not to mention, unwinding in Stanley Park was a perfect way to relax after my epic camping trip across the western section of the country.

Meanwhile, in Montreal, I seriously felt as if I had been transported to France without the long painful flight. So awesome. And the food? Was divine. And even though every city has areas to avoid, I found Vancouver and Montreal to be very safe.

You can always discover a new magical corner of this stunning country. Sure, some travelers like to go to a new country every year, but Canada has so so so much to experience that it would be impossible to cram everything into one whirlwind vacation. Or perhaps spend 3 days in Vancouver. Go to Calgary for the stampede or ride an electric bull. Not to mention, much like the United States, Canada was a beacon for many immigrants meaning you can travel the entire world without ever leaving the country!

Cool, huh? I pushed myself to the limit to hike in Banff National Park. I attended a hockey game in Montreal. I explored Stanley Park in Vancouver and forged friendships with complete strangers.

Traveling to Canada changed my life in many ways. So, yes, I would do more solo travel in Canada if the opportunity presented itself.

And you should go too. Finally Canada also has some amazing hostels for all you women who are traveling alone. There were homemade croissants available for breakfast every single day, too!

Mmmm, delicious. Another awesome hostel was Samesun Vancouver conveniently located on Granville Street, amidst the heart of the action. You will be fine. Actually you will be more than fine. Enjoy your journey to Canada. Book your accommodation in Canada. Are you planning to try solo travel in Canada?

What are your favorite places to visit in Canada? Do you think Canada is perfect for solo female travel? Share all your thoughts in the comments! Note: Some links are affiliate-based meaning a make a small commission at no additional cost to you. Affiliates help reduce the costs of running this blog. At 22, I took my first overseas trip to Bermuda. Took a break to follow the "American Dream.

Embarked on my first solo trip to Scotland at The travel bug dug its way under my skin. I now book multiple trips a year. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Rachel Elizabeth At 22, I took my first overseas trip to Bermuda. BW Monthly News: March Search for:.

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Holidays for solo travellers

All of our group tours are suitable for solo travellers, no matter your age. The average group size on our solo holidays is just 12, so you'll have the opportunity to meet new friends looking for the same experiences as you are, but not too many to disrupt your trip. From big wows to hidden gems, our tours leave you feeling that you've really explored. First time on a group holiday as a solo traveller? We've answered the top questions about travelling solo an Explore tour:.

Say yes to adventure by hopping on a tour of Canada designed for solo travellers and explore the world on your own. The itineraries will guide you through the streets of Vancouver, and charm you with the vibe of Lake Louise. Find the tour of Canada that suits you, travel solo and observe the world up close.

Our specialty tours were created in for women who enjoy travelling in small groups to beautiful places. They range in age from mid 30s to mid 70s. Our usual group size is 6 to We tend to feature a specific region of a country with stays of three to five nights in each location with daily outings and time for personal exploring, shopping, markets, gardens, galleries, and concerts, etc. Mono, ON.

15 Best Places for Female Solo Travelers

With a positive attitude and general street smarts, there are plenty of places in the world where you can feel safe and secure on your own. Australia is home to some of the most diverse wildlife and landscapes in the world, and it was the destination of my first ever solo trip abroad! Ireland may not be known for great weather, but the Emerald Isle is a place of happiness and beer. Namibia is the ultimate road trip destination and a fantastic destination year-round. Located in the largest conservation area of Africa, Sossusvlei is breathtaking. The canals are yours to explore as you discover the unique culture and nightlife of the city. Enjoy the convenience of an itinerary and secure accommodation.

5 Reasons Canada is Perfect for Solo Female Travel

For those who love the outdoors, want a safe and incredibly friendly place to travel through, and who want to experience many different cultures all at once, Canada is the perfect solo destination at any time of year. Though the whole country is worth exploring, these are a few places that my fellow travel bloggers and I think are particularly good for solo travelers in Canada:. Alberta was my first stop ever in Canada and by the time I left, I was seriously asking myself if I should just come back and move in. Alberta is a winter wonderland with snow-shoeing tracks, nordic skiing, ice climbing, and ice fishing all nearby. Snow-capped mountains line both sides of the road, a river runs through the valley, waterfalls tumble down across the rocks and several glaciers are within easy reach.

I would rather go with a group or tour at first to get used to it and prefer one out of the US and offering trips for those of us over 50 and single; any thoughts? I no they have single cruises for uselders n they have a stagg memberon the cruise.

Empowering, exciting, challenging : Few things are more rewarding than solo travel—and research shows it's on the rise, especially with women. That said, traveling alone isn't always easy even if you're a Traveler editor and choosing the right destination can be equal parts exhilarating and overwhelming. Luckily, British tour company Ampersand crunched the numbers to figure out best places for women to travel alone, rating countries by their safety and women's rights records, along with common interests like scenery, adventure, food, and, well, Instagram hashtags it is , after all. Here, the 15 best places for solo female travelers.

Her own way – a woman’s safe-travel guide

Women travel for countless reasons, whether to discover new frontiers, pursue business opportunities, or simply to rest and relax — not unlike men. The truth is that women face greater obstacles, especially when travelling alone. The Government of Canada assists thousands of Canadian women in distress abroad each year. The problems they face are diverse.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: SOLO TRAVEL: What to Know Before Traveling By Yourself - Sorelle Amore

If you make a purchase through these links, I earn a commission at no extra cost to you. This disclosure pertains to all affiliate links. Solo travel in Canada is amazing. Sometimes I still laugh about my experience. On a camping trip?

Canada Tours for Solo / Single Travellers


Apr 3, - Take precautions and don't be a statistic. So, over all, is Canada safe for women? Yes. Yes. Very much so. Buy your Lonely Planet guide to.


10 Safest Destinations for Solo Female Travelers


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